Matthew Johnson is a woodworker and furniture maker based out of Holyoke, Massachusetts. He founded Piedmont Woodcraft in 2011 on the premise that high quality, thoughtful design is as important as respecting the environment and limiting waste. Matthew specializes in reclaimed lumber, metal work, and unique hand-applied finishes.

Originally from Springfield, Massachusetts (the corner of Carew and Piedmont streets, more specifically), he comes from a long line of carpenters and cabinet makers. He began working for the area’s largest independent furniture store in Northampton in 2009 and quickly realized he had an affinity for furniture design and an intense interest in learning how to make it for himself.

Matthew attended classes at the New England School of Architectural Woodworking in Easthampton that same year in an effort to jumpstart his woodworking skills. An inherently curious individual, he began working on small-scale projects on his own to learn where his natural abilities and interests stood. Before long, he began designing and building progressively more complex pieces. Inspired by contemporary takes on mid-century modern furniture styles, Matthew began experimenting with the use of metal and metalworking and it has since grown into a significant component of his designs.

Nearly ten years later, Piedmont's furniture can be found in restaurants, offices, and private homes throughout New England and beyond. Matthew collaborates with interior designers, creative friends from all different disciplines, and his wife, Francesca. They reside in Holyoke with two terribly behaved dogs in an old house they've almost completely renovated and may never finish.