What are we up to? We're glad you asked...

It’s been a while. We’ve been super busy finishing and delivering custom orders plus wrapping up production on pieces for a couple spring shows we’re participating in. Here’s a quick round up of what we’ve been up to and where to find us in May!

MASS MoCa Assets for Artists: In the fall we were accepted into an arts grant program by MASS MoCa. The goal of the program is to support artists in achieving financial security and business growth, so they can sustain their best creative work for a lifetime. This year there was a special focus on artists and makers from Holyoke. It’s been really cool to meet other people living and working in our community. Check out the amazing program participants I’ve had the pleasure to hang with!

Brimfield Flea Market | Brimfield, MA | May 9-13

We’ll be back at Hertan’s field this year with a variety of new pieces. We love Brimfield because it attracts people from all over, and there’s just. So. Much. Stuff. Trying to explain it to someone who’s never been there invariably ends with “you won’t be able to see it all in one day.” We met so many cool folks last year. We discussed projects, materials, tools, you name it. We worked with people we met all year long on custom projects large and small. If you’re planning on heading to Brimfield, please drop by to see us! We’ll be around Wednesday through Sunday. 

Paradise City Arts Festival | Northampton MA | May 26-28

We decided last minute to apply to Paradise City Arts Festival at the fairgrounds in Northampton this Memorial Day Weekend (because we didn’t have enough going on) and are really excited to be in the company of amazing artists and makers. We’re looking forward to exploring a new venue and seeing what it yields for Piedmont. If you’ll be in town for Paradise City, we hope you’ll come by booth #821!